Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We were asked why car rental companies always say "or similar"

For those who have hired a car before you would know that car rental suppliers always say “or similar” when you are booking or even being quoted a car. As every rental depot is different and has different fleet we can never guarantee a certain car.

The car description that you are given from the time you get a quote to the time you decide to book the car in is an example only. Rental companies work more on groups then car types. For example if you are wanting to hire a Ford Focus this falls into the compact category and you will receive whatever car the depot has on fleet that falls into the compact category.

As the fleet is always changing the depot never knows what vehicles they will have available at the time you go to pick your car up, cars are always going on one way rentals and end up at different depots all the time. Some people also like to request a certain colour car but the same thing applies, we can never guarantee a certain colour of car. Unfortunately in some cars (smaller cars) we can’t even confirm the number of doors the car will have be it two or four.

Two things we are able to confirm is the transmission of the car (auto or manual) and the number of seats you will need for vans and wagons. This is why it’s always important to specify the car transmission you want otherwise you might end up with a manual car which you can’t drive or if you don’t specify how many people are going to be in the car you might be a seat or two short!

Do you think that cars on fleet should match the example car? Tell us what you think!

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